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AI diagnostic tools for colon and upper gastrointestinal tract

Helga AI-GEP™

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Helga AI-GEP™ is an AI platform providing image enhancement and AI diagnostic solutions for the detection of cancer and other conditions in endoscopic images of the colon and the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Helga iCAP™ is an AI software device developed for the detection of colonic conditions.  This not only detects polyps and adenomas, but provides additional information aiding endoscopists in delineating the condition and classifying into sub-types of polyps (hyperplastic and inflammatory) and adenomas (sessile, serrated, tubular and villous).


The goal of this AI tool is to assist endoscopists to:

  • Accurately identify conditions in the colon

  • Reduce missed polyps/adenomas

  • Act as as second reader, supporting endoscopists in accurate detection.

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