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Who We Are
  • We provide state-of-the-art image processing and enhancement software with  AI diagnostic tools in surgical and endoscopic imaging.   

  • Arming doctors with our technology, we aim to minimises diagnostic errors and reduce unnecessary intervention. 

  • Our primary goal is to improve patient experiences in diagnostics and intervention, developing patient autonomy and decision making thereby enhancing patient reported outcomes. 

Our Technology
  • We have developed an advanced proprietary technology to enhance the accuracy and clarity of endoscopic images, improving cancer detection and reducing errors in diagnostics.

  • We leverage our image enhancement platform and cutting-edge neural networks to analyse images and develop real-time diagnostic software solutions making interpretation of imaging objective for clinicians.

Our Services
  • Our technology can integrate across a wide platform to offer a range of bespoke and personalised services to hospitals, clinics and academic institutions.

  • We integrate at a clinical level to provide training and support for medical professionals. Our solutions are customizable to meet the unique needs of each client's diagnostic requirement.

  • We develop our diagnostic solutions through research collaborations with our partners. 

intelligent solutions developed with clinicians for clinicians

Why Choose Us

Intelligent Partners
  • We partner with leaders in fields of academic medical imaging and endoscopy.

  • We work with leading academic surgeons, clinicians and endoscopists in some of the most prestigious hospitals and clinics across the world. 

  • We collaborate to meet the real world needs of clinicians, surgeons and endoscopists.

Intelligent Teams
  • Our clinical team are comprised of leading experts in their respective academic or clinical fields.

  • Our product development and implementation team are hands on; responsive and provide round the clock support.

  • Our patient representatives have provided dynamic feedback to help us identify what is important to the end user. The patient.

Intelligent Products
  • We are committed to providing the highest quality image enhancement and AI diagnostic tools for detection of cancer in the fields of urology and gastroenterology. 

  • Our solutions are designed to be accurate, efficient, and user-friendly.

  • We have refined our technology for the real world needs of clinicians, surgeons and endoscopists.

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