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AI diagnostic tool for bladder cancer detection


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CystoSmart™ is an image enhancement and AI diagnostic tool for bladder cancer detection in images (videos and camera stream) seen on white light cystoscopy and narrow band imaging (NBI) cystoscopy.  The software tool has been developed through a research collaboration with a world-leading medical institution.


CystoSmart™ enhances the accuracy of detection of bladder cancers and supports clinicians to:

  • Accurately identify disease in the bladder

  • Recognise tumour recurrences

  • Reduce the number of missed lesions 

  • Carry out appropriate biopsies

  • Reduce the need for repeat cystoscopies


CystoSmart™ identifies different conditions in the cystoscopic images, including tumors (invasive, non-invasive and carcinoma in-situ), and other conditions such as air bubbles, cystitis, scars, and other features such as artefacts and ureteric orifice.  The different types of conditions are detected and outlined in colored polygons of specified colors. 


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