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progressing from uncertainty towards certainty

Endoscopic Image Enhancement and  AI Diagnostics

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  • Intelligent Scopes Corp is a leading provider of innovative image enhancement and integrated AI diagnostic tools for the detection of endoscopic cancers and other conditions.

  • The company has pioneering solutions for detection of cancer in the bladder, colon and upper GI tract.

  • Our goal is to reduce clinical uncertainty at the patient bedside.

  • By resolving uncertainty through AI-enhanced image interpretation; hospitals, clinicians and most importantly patients benefit from an accelerated and assured pathway.

Company Background 

Research and development commenced a few years ago through collaboration projects with hospitals and the holding company of Intelligent Scopes Corp, namely, Claritas HealthTech.     


This pioneering technology for high precision AI detection of conditions in endoscopic and cystoscopic images is being leveraged to create solutions by Intelligent Scopes Corp for image processing and enhancement, AI diagnostic tools, and robotic guidance systems for Endoscopy procedures in surgery, gastroenterology and urology.

Intelligent Scopes Corp has established collaborations with leaders in the field and continues to engage with key stakeholders to provide the most accurate tools to aid clinicians.

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